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Angela D. Coleman August 6, 2012

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My name is Angela D. Coleman.  I am committed to helping individuals, companies, and organizations TRANSFORM and EVOLVE.  My personal life and business ventures support my integrated philosophy of Love, Life, Work, and Spirituality.

I am an award-winning social entrepreneur, published author, and African American Matchmaker. My areas of specialty are diverse. I am an expert on sisterhood, especially the social, cultural, economic, and health issues that affect Black women and girls.  I specialize in female empowerment processes, cultural competence, and sustainability.

Tools and resources that are available to you and your agency include:








Feel free to contact me when you are ready. 

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Now Available! Black Girls Guide: How to Be a Sister April 22, 2014

Coleman_BBG_NEW3_sister FRONT

Sisterhood Agenda is Celebrating 20 Years of Sisterhood!  From the Black Girls Guide book, How to Be a Sister, you will learn:

• How to define authentic sisterhood
• How to look for and avoid mean girls and “non-sisters”
• Why sisterhood matters and the power of sister circles
• The 10-step call to action for the 21st Century Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto by Blanche Williams to encourage Black women to reclaim their magnificence
• The future of sisterhood


New Black Girls Guide January 2, 2014

BBG_WeightLoss_Orange FRONT

It is no secret that Black females are disproportionately obese and overweight.  But we don’t have to be a statistic.
Many of us want to lose weight but don’t know how.  With all the available information…  Read more!


NAACP Image Award November 20, 2013

NAACP Image Award SubmissionIn addition to receiving 5 out of 5 stars for 100% of its customer reviews, Black Girls Guide:  How to Be Like Michelle Obama,
the first book of the Black Girls Guide book series, was recently submitted for 45th NAACP Image Award consideration
in the Outstanding Literary Work – Youth/Teens category.  Congratulations to all!BBG_MObama Cover


Angela’s Incense @ Montreal Gift Show August 24, 2013

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Angelas Incense Montreal

Featuring tropical exotic and floral scents, inviting romance and attraction, Angela’s Incense features natural products from the Virgin Islands:   honey from St. John, coconut from St. Thomas, and cinnamon from St. Croix.  Angela has a booth at the Montreal Gift Show, a major trade show event in Canada. Do you have your incense yet?

Participation in this event is made possible by the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority. Sisterhood Agenda Enterprises, LLC is taking wholesale orders now.  Visit Angela’s Incense for more information.


New Black Girls Guide About Natural Hair Transitions April 26, 2013

BGG Hair Cover FRONT

Author Angela D. Coleman explains:

“This book and the natural hair movement is about self-love, beauty, culture,
self-acceptance, and living your life on your own terms—I love it!”

“All of the books that I write are personal to me and this one is no different.  Black Girls Guide  How to Grow Naturally Beautiful Hairwas great fun to write because I am so excited about the global natural hair movement that is happening right now.   Not that many people know that I studied natural hair with my African Holistic Health & Sciences coursework, trained and received my license as a loctician, and opened a natural hair studio called AHead of the Crowd in North Carolina.

I hope that you all enjoy the book in the spirit that it was written. Feel free to leave reviews and feedback here, at, or at the book listing on Amazon.”

Black Girls Guide:  How to Transition to Naturally Beautiful Hair


Women’s Empowerment Event at NCCU March 24, 2013

NCCU MarchFinalwithbleeds8x11

NCCU WE back of program


Baba Wrote:

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“A Little Something for You from a Wise and Helpful Being in the form of Queen Angela D. Coleman. This list was very well thought out by someone with “skills”. You should check Her out. She is here on FB now,but has been active worldwide for a length of Service that is incongruous with Her youthful appearance. She has everything in Services from Rights-of-Passage for Women to Dating Services. Cool People all day…check Her – for Real.”



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